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The Worst Fiction Writing Crime

I’ve read a few books lately that have taught me something that surprised me: Most of those writing rules you’ve read about? They don’t matter. Well, let me clarify. They do matter, and many of them are good advice. But they don’t matter as much as this one rule: Don’t be boring. Let me explain […]

A New Direction

Welcome to the new site! As an editor and aspiring writer, I wanted my own place where clients, agents, and readers can find me online. I will be adding content in the coming weeks, so stay tuned, and I apologize for any parts that are currently under construction.

Gluten-Free and Dairy-Free Chocolate Cupcakes (with option for Egg-free)

Robo turned two a week ago. As is customary for birthdays, I made him a cake—well, it was actually cupcakes. But this was not an ordinary cake because, as most of you know, Robo is allergic to many of the things you would ordinarily put in a cake: wheat, dairy, eggs, and nuts. I didn’t make […]

A skinny woman talks about fat shaming

In the last 18 months, I have lost a lot of weight. Just before my fourth baby was born, in June of 2014, I weighed over 180 lbs. I wasn’t obese, and because I was pregnant and a lot of the weight was in my baby belly, I probably wasn’t even technically overweight (or if […]

Merry Christmas!

The last month has been a happy blur of Christmas stuff. I tried something I’d never done before and made pajama bottoms for my boys because they found flannel with a Tardis pattern on it at JoAnn’s a few months back and fell in love with it. Thanks to my SIL, who helped me cut […]