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At his 3-year checkup in April, the doctor told me that our “project” for the summer was to teach Lego to pedal a tricycle. I’ve been trying, but he hasn’t really gotten it. I even bought him a little 12-inch bike at a garage sale for $5, but he mostly likes to push it around […]


Well, this is overdue, but I do feel it’s worth writing about, even if almost all of my readers know all of this already. In early June, my mom offered to watch our kids while Jon Boy and I went on vacation for a week. She would be in Utah in early July to drop […]


1. The fastest and most effective way to get Lego to wake up from a nap (say, when falls asleep on the couch too late in the afternoon) is to put him in his bed. Otherwise, it’s almost impossible. 2. I just bought some faux suede teal flats. For some reason, having such utterly impractical […]


Have you ever watched a baby learn about his or her world? It’s terribly fascinating. Duplo’s in a stage right now where he’s trying to figure out what things are and why we do certain “rituals” with them. He’ll hold telephone-like things to his ear, hit himself on the head with a brush over and […]

One year old

Duplo had his birthday on Friday. I wanted to share a few things about him so that when he asks what he was like as a baby, I’ll be able to find this and share with him. 1. Duplo is a sweetheart. He loves his family and will tolerate quite a lot from us, especially […]