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1. It’s the season for moving, I guess. My dear sister, Kenneren, just moved out of our parents’ house on Thursday. My grandparents are moving to a smaller place that’s much easier to maintain, Jonathon’s brother’s family just bought a house, his parents are househunting with varying degrees of success, and his sister is seriously […]

“Controlled” chaos

Parents of young children speak of how their homes are constantly in a state of “controlled chaos.” I guess the controlled part means that the parents step in to discipline when the chaos puts people or property at risk, and that they’re running along behind the kids, putting away the messes they make as they […]

You get what you pay for.

Less than three weeks ago, I was in Payless looking for church shoes for Lego when I saw that a whole bunch of their flip flops were on clearance for $3 and $5. I assumed that they were perfectly good shoes (for Payless), but that they were marked down so low just because summer was […]


1. The fastest and most effective way to get Lego to wake up from a nap (say, when falls asleep on the couch too late in the afternoon) is to put him in his bed. Otherwise, it’s almost impossible. 2. I just bought some faux suede teal flats. For some reason, having such utterly impractical […]

Pudding Cake

I’m too lazy to make cakes from scratch, but ones from mixes are always so dry and airy that they just don’t satisfy. So yesterday, as I was making a cake, I added half a package of chocolate pudding mix and the appropriate amount of milk to my cake batter. It took a little longer […]