Allow me to introduce . . .

my son. See, when babies are little, they don’t have a whole lot in the way of personality. I mean, some babies cry more than others, some want more attention and some want to be left alone more, some smile a lot and some are more thoughtful. Some don’t mind strangers and some cry if […]

A bad accident

On Wednesday night after dinner, I was in the process of making pie. I put milk on the stove to scald for pumpkin pie, but I turned on the wrong burner. The burner I did turn on had a glass pan containing a few rolls on it. A few minutes later, I noticed the burner […]


Seeing foxyj’s blog listing things she is thankful for inspired me to do the same. So, here’s my list of things I’m thankful for:  1) My relationship with my mom. I’ve been talking with her on the phone almost every day for the past few months, and I really cherish that. 2) My little son, […]

Ten things I wish I had known when I got pregnant

I’m not sure how many people will actually get something useful out of this, but I’ve been feeling lately like I wanted to write this up in case it helps someone.  1) If you’re feeling completely exhausted all the time, that’s not normal. You’re probably becoming anemic, which is extremely common in pregnancy. Get tested! […]

Not to be outdone