Articles from May 2006


As of Wednesday, Kenneren is in the MTC. She will be an awesome missionary! She’s wanted to serve a mission since I can remember, and she has prepared herself well. She has a strong testimony, and she works harder and loves those around her more than almost everyone I know. Watch out, Toronto! During the […]

Duck love

For about, oh, eight weeks now I’ve tried to think of something to blog about that didn’t involve Lego. This week I actually have a story to share. I love ducks. They’re funny looking and cute at the same time. I mean, how would you like to look like a duck? How would you like […]


One night I was feeding Lego at 3:00 a.m. or some other unholy hour. He’d finished eating on one side and fallen asleep (as he often does). Being a practical but mean mother, I knew that he needed to eat on the other side or else he’d probably be up again before I wanted him […]


I promised mackillian more pictures soon, and it’s already later than soon. Sorry! Lego 5 days old Lego sucks on the feet of this teddy bear for comfort while we are changing his diaper. Not my choice of comfort food, but to each his own.   Mommy (that’s me!) holding Lego before church on his […]