Articles from June 2006

Addicted to Change

Some people are deathly afraid of change. They won’t get rid of things. They live in the same house year after year doing the same things. They stay in a job they hate because they’re afraid that any job they went to would be worse. Sometimes they even stay in an abusive marriage for fear […]

A year without chocolate ice cream?

About three weeks ago, Lego came down with diarrhea. That day, he also slept all day long, with only brief periods of semiwakefullness in between long naps. Since I had been told in the hospital that infants with diarrhea ran a risk of dehydration, I called his pediatrician’s office and asked if there was anything I should do (other […]

Farewell (Reprise)

And Flyboy is now in the MTC as well. Hooray for missionaries!