Articles from August 2006


All my life people have been telling me to speak up. But until last weekend, I didn’t really have any inner motivation to do it. It was Friday night, and we were camping with friends. The aforementioned friends, mr_porteiro_head and beverly, had brought marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate. They began roasting marshmallows while I nursed […]

My faith in humanity

Story #1: On July 1, we were at Yellowstone on vacation. We parallel parked on the side of a road between two cars for one trail because the lot was full. When we came back from the hike, Lego was hungry, so I put up the sun shade, sat in the driver’s seat of the […]

Gregory, please tell me I’m not going crazy!

Lego is a delightful baby in all ways except one: he doesn’t sleep well at night. At all. He’s four months old on Friday. By his age, many babies are sleeping through the night (eight hours), and the rest only wake up once or maybe twice. Lego is waking up three or four times almost […]