Articles from October 2006

Pardon my mess.

I’m trying to decide on a new look for my blog, but in the meantime, it’ll be an ugly hodgepodge of random ideas. Hopefully it will be pretty again soon.

Proof that my yellow side is alive and well

For the last six weeks, my engagement ring has been in our tent. It was in our tent because that’s where it was when Jon Boy took it down and packed it up after a family reunion in early September.  See, I take it off to sleep because two of the prongs got bent during […]


1) I’m freelancing now! It’s for an authorly couple. They write tons of stuff, from YA lit and plays (their labor of love) to TV shows, commercial novels, and soap operas (what they do to make money). I’m only doing a few hours a week, but I’m making a bit of money. And the last […]