Knitting in the round

Last winter I bought some round needles with the intent of learning to knit hats without a seam down the back. I had one hat in particular I wanted to try. After four attempts at making the hat, I gave up on the round needles. The length from needle tip to needle tip was longer […]

How old are you?

Lego is learning the concept of two. He knows he has two hands, two eyes, two feet, etc. He also knows that when I say “one,” he should say, “two.” So I figured I should try teaching him how old he is.  Here’s how the conversation went: Me: How old is Lego? Lego is one! […]


Thanksgiving was so great. Seriously. We went out to Denver to visit my family, and it was one of the most enjoyable visits I think I’ve ever had with them. Here are the highlights, in order of occurrence: 1. Lego was perfectly behaved on the eight-hour drive. He might have fussed for a minute or […]

No, I haven’t died or anything.

Though, my laptop did. Jon Boy and I are now sharing his computer, which means less time for time-consuming activities online, such as blogging. What’s more, Lego has recently decided that it’s BORING when Mommy’s on the computer, and he pesters me by grabbing the mouse, begging to nurse, pushing buttons on the keyboard, and […]

Well, it was probably inevitable.

I lost my proofreading gig. They said I had missed too many “big things” and that while they understand that everyone misses things occasionally, misses should be “very rare.” I suddenly have a lot more free time on my hands. Is it possible to feel relieved and heartbroken at the same time? I mean, the […]