Articles from April 2007

I love being a mommy.

I just put Lego to bed. This involves a bath, followed by lotion, diaper, and pajamas. Then I transfer him to Jon Boy, who reads him a book and brushes his teeth (we switch jobs every other night). After that, Lego and I go into the dark bedroom to nurse. While he eats, I listen […]

Happy, happy birthday, Lego dear!

Lego turned one yesterday. He loves his new toys, but he wouldn’t eat a single bite of cake. He didn’t even make a mess with it to appease the picture-takers. Here are some pictures of his big day. And a couple more just because they’re cute:


Lego turns one today. All of Jon Boy’s immediate family are coming over tonight to celebrate with cake and whatnot. Before they come, I need to clean everywhere, do the dishes, make a cake, frost the cake, and empty out Lego’s dresser, which we’re swapping for one that his parents have. Not too bad a […]