Articles from May 2007

So I guess we’re really moving.

When we moved to the valley, we were in a bit of a rush because we were commuting 2.5 to 3 hours each day from Provo to downtown SLC. That plus eight hours of work and a half-hour lunchbreak meant that we were often gone for twelve hours a day. That got old real fast. […]

The piano tuner says . . .

. . . we stole the piano. His first guess was that it was less than a year old. He asked if we had bought it new. When I told him we’d bought it used and paid $1200 for it, he told me we stole it. After he finished tuning it, he looked its serial […]

Lego can walk!

Last night we got Lego to take a few steps if one of us walked him almost all the way to the other—you know, the classic scene with Daddy holding Baby’s hands as Baby walks toward Mommy, arms outstretched. Then Daddy lets go and Baby stumbles two or three steps to Mommy. I predicted last […]