Articles from August 2007

Cleanup and organization

Until a few days ago, my kitchen was a clutter magnet. Since we’d moved, I hadn’t liked my kitchen because it didn’t look clean even when it was. I hated that the first thing you noticed coming in the front door was paper clutter, which covered a bookshelf near the door. There was no counter […]

Night visitor

At 3:00 a.m. last night, our doorbell rang. I got up to go to the door, wondering who might ring our doorbell in the middle of the night. Pranksters? Someone in need of urgent help? What if there was a fire? I opened the door and looked outside. No one was there. Pranksters, then, I […]

Learning to talk

Lego now can say a whole bunch of words. I haven’t even counted them for a while because he keeps adding new ones. Not only that, but his earliest words sound almost exactly like they should now (what used to be “duh” for Dad now sounds like “Dad,” for instance). He says “cheese” and “star” […]


This morning, Lego woke up about ten minutes before Jon Boy’s alarm went off. We were in the living room when Lego heard the music. He stood up, pointed at the closed bedroom door, and said, “Dad!” in the happiest squealing tone of voice. He did a little dance (which is what he does when […]


I have recently started babysitting a little boy a few days a week. I’ll call him Baby because that’s what Lego calls him. Baby just turned one, so he’s about four months younger than Lego. He’s also quite a bit heavier—Lego is about 5th percentile for weight, and Baby is 95th. They’re about the same […]