Articles from April 2008

Almost perfect

As you probably know, Jon Boy is starting a masters program at BYU. He starts summer term, or June 23rd to be precise. My due date is May 30th. Sometime between when the baby is born and July 1st, we need to move. I’ve moved before. I’ve moved on tight deadlines before. I’ve moved while […]

What are you having for dinner?

One thing that kind of intrigues me is that every family seems to eat a little differently. There are the gourmet chefs, the never-cooks, the picky eaters—but even among those who eat fairly “normal” (normal to me, that is) meals each night, I’m often surprised when I find out how different any given family’s normal […]

Craigslisting, part 2

I’ve been in a bit of a stuff-purging mood lately. I don’t want to move things we don’t need and never use, and I don’t want to store them anymore either. With this in mind, I am trying to sell two nice lamps. I have them listed on Craigslist and KSL. I have had at […]

Book reviews

I’ve been kind of on a reading kick lately. I don’t usually have tons of time to read, but since these books are (mostly) short, quick reads, I’ve been able to read several of them at once. Most I have found on the Reader’s Choice shelf at my county library. The Fortune Quilt by Lani […]

I hate maternity clothing.

My maternity shirts are getting too short to cover my stomach. The bands on the pants start too loose to stay up on my tummy, and then magically become so tight and restrictive that I wear them under my tummy and still hate them. Too many of my shirts are too tight in the bust […]