Articles from May 2008

Recipe reviews

In the last few months, I’ve been trying to make one new recipe every two weeks. Some have turned out great and some not so much. Some of the recipes have been so great that I want to share them with anyone who likes to cook. The biggest disappointment, I think, was a chicken and […]

I’m sick of Braxton Hicks

On Monday, I was driving up from Spanish Fork after dropping off an application for the perfecter place. I’d been having mild contractions fairly regularly for some time, so I decided to time them. The first four I timed were 3–4 minutes apart. (You’re supposed to go to the hospital when you have contractions 4–5 […]

The “perfecter” place

I mentioned finding an apartment that was even better than the almost-perfect apartment we didn’t sign for in my 100th post. Well, the landlord has decided to let us sign for June 1st on! We’ll be residents of a basement in Spanish Fork. It has two good-sized bedrooms, a huge, gorgeous kitchen that also has […]

Big Brother Is Watching

The other day, we got a packet of coupons from Smith’s (a grocery store) in the mail. The packet said that we’re one of their best customers, that only a small percentage of their customers get these packets, and that the coupons were specifically chosen for me. The “best customer” bit didn’t surprise me. I […]

Post 100

This is my 100th post. Also, today I was worried I was going into labor while about an hour away from home, driving, and with Lego in the car. That was not fun. I am not, however, going to have the baby today (or, I’m pretty darn sure I’m not). We didn’t sign at the […]