Articles from August 2008


We have Lego sleeping much, much better. We’ve been way more consistent with bedtime and naptime, and we’ve changed his bedtime routine a bit. Now, instead of reading three stories out on the couch before snuggling with Mommy on the couch and then being put in bed, we alternate nights where we put him in […]

Congratulations, Lego

for peeing on the potty for the first time last night! Way to go, dude!


The upstairs neighbors have a wacky schedule because the wife works two graveyard shifts a week (she’s a nurse). We hear them walking around at 1:00, 3:00, 5:00 a.m. I’m not really sure when they actually sleep. There are some seriously squeaky floorboards right above our bedroom, which is also where their bedroom is. So […]


Sometimes people ask me what it’s like to have two kids, or what the hardest thing about it is. Frankly, the hardest part is having a two-year-old. I’m not sure if everyone’s kids are this frustrating when they’re two, but sometimes I start wondering if I’m doing everything wrong. He yells at me when I’m […]