Articles from September 2008

Piano lessons

When I was about five, I thought I wanted to be a librarian or a piano teacher. A librarian because I loved to read and a piano teacher because it seemed logical considering I was learning to play the piano. I reconsidered teaching piano when I got mine in March 2007, but I didn’t feel […]

The story of the egg

Scene 1: BRINESTONE brings in groceries from Costco. LEGO sees 18 pack of eggs and calls them “funny eggs.” LEGO: I want an egg for lunch. BRINESTONE: Okay. [Begins washing pot for boiling the egg. Leaves egg carton on table.] LEGO: Can I crack this egg? BRINESTONE: No! No. Put it back. Put the egg […]

We’ve got gas!

Sorry for the bad title; I couldn’t help myself. When our new neighbors moved in, they went to the city office to get all the utilities transferred to their name. Somehow gas fell through the cracks. I don’t know enough to know what happened, but when the previous tenants’ last day of the gas being […]

The new neighbors

are extremely nice and approachable, and they have two young boys. They are also helping us weed and take care of the yard, which looks like no one has cared for it in years. They put their kids to bed at normal times, and they apologize for when they’re loud. Also, our landlord fixed the […]