Articles from January 2009

Social commentary and Mickey Mouse

One of Lego’s favorite TV shows is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I hate it. At first it was just annoyance at the garishness of the colors, the squeakiness of Mickey’s voice, the bizarreness of the plots, and the theme song that would get stuck in my head for days on end. I have now watched enough […]

Duplo on the Go

Duplo’s officially crawling! He started creeping about six weeks ago or so but was never as fast at it as Lego was. It was obvious even from the start that his goal was to crawl on all fours. About a week ago, he took his first crawling “steps,” but he could only do a few […]

This and that

Duplo has started learning to pick things up with his thumb and forefinger (or sometimes thumb and middle finger). Now, any small object on the carpet goes in his mouth. We have found one of Lego’s stickers and some needles from our (fake) Christmas tree in his diaper. I have also fished numerous things out […]