Articles from May 2009


Did you know that everyone and their dog is planting a garden this year, to the point where seed sellers are struggling to meet the demand? Well, I guess I’m a follower. For the first time ever, I am planting a “real” garden. It’s small. It’s in a shady part of the yard. So yeah, […]

Airing my dirty laundry

Stats for last week: Loads: 7 Duplo’s shirts: 12 Duplo’s pants: 8 Lego’s shirts: 5 Lego’s pants: 7 Loads forgotten in the washer: 1 Mismatched socks: 6 (but we’ll probably find some of the mates this week at least) Days until laundry time again: 1 Ugh. I did buy a plastic smock-style bib for Duplo […]