Articles from June 2009


Have you ever watched a baby learn about his or her world? It’s terribly fascinating. Duplo’s in a stage right now where he’s trying to figure out what things are and why we do certain “rituals” with them. He’ll hold telephone-like things to his ear, hit himself on the head with a brush over and […]

Pudding Cake

I’m too lazy to make cakes from scratch, but ones from mixes are always so dry and airy that they just don’t satisfy. So yesterday, as I was making a cake, I added half a package of chocolate pudding mix and the appropriate amount of milk to my cake batter. It took a little longer […]

The healthy eating dilemma

It seems like the criteria for eating healthy has gotten a lot stricter in the past ten years. Before, if you ate a variety of things that included fruits and vegetables, you were good. Now, you need to worry about whole grains, sodium, trans fats, organic produce, “whole foods,” and more. I feel like there’s […]

One year old

Duplo had his birthday on Friday. I wanted to share a few things about him so that when he asks what he was like as a baby, I’ll be able to find this and share with him. 1. Duplo is a sweetheart. He loves his family and will tolerate quite a lot from us, especially […]