Articles from October 2009


Yesterday, the boys got free helium balloons at a craft store. When we got home, Lego asked me to draw a face on his, and he specified that he wanted the face to be a girl’s face with eyes and lips and long hair. So I drew a woman’s face on the balloon. He seemed […]

My crazy little boy

At around 2:30 a.m., Duplo woke up crying loudly. I waited a minute or two to see if he’d go back to sleep, but he just got more upset, so I went in. I picked him up, found his water cup, and snuggled him for a few minutes, but he wouldn’t stop crying. He wouldn’t […]

Updates on the boys

Lego Lego’s growing up fast. He can sound out small words (like cat and pen) all by himself, and he’s really into drawing. Some of his pictures are actually really good. Throughout the day, when we’re away from home, he’ll tell me the things he’s going to draw when we get back. It’s a real […]

“Controlled” chaos

Parents of young children speak of how their homes are constantly in a state of “controlled chaos.” I guess the controlled part means that the parents step in to discipline when the chaos puts people or property at risk, and that they’re running along behind the kids, putting away the messes they make as they […]