Articles from May 2010

Duplo Day 29: Happy Birthday, Little Buddy!

We had a great day today, finding treasures for the boys at yard sales, playing outside, opening presents (Mrs. Potato Head was a huge hit!), reading, eating cake and ice cream, and watching Finding Nemo together as a family. Duplo was happy the entire day, which isn’t actually normal for him. On to the terrible […]

Duplo Day 28: Straight to Bed

When I brought Duplo home from the hospital, almost two years ago, he wouldn’t go to sleep the first afternoon. He’d been awake for a while and had eaten, and I was reasonably sure he was comfortable. The more tired he got, the more fussy he got. I tried nursing again, since that had always […]

Duplo Day 27: Outside

Just like his big brother, Duplo has fallen in love with the outdoors. Sometimes he’ll bring me his socks and shoes to put on, and then demand his coat, as if merely being dressed and ready to go outside means we will be going. Once out there, Duplo likes to ride the ride-on toys, color […]

Duplo Day 26: Storytime

Duplo is really getting into books lately. At night, after Lego’s in bed, we read pretty much straight for 30-60 minutes. He’ll bring Daddy a book, then run and get another one for Mommy to read, then back to Daddy, and so on and so forth. He’s started commenting on what he sees in the […]

Duplo Day 25: Breaddich

This is Duplo’s word for “sandwich.” We all love it, and I’ve started using it sometimes myself. I wonder if it’s one of those baby words that we’ll still be using from time to time when the kids are teenagers. Duplo loves sandwiches (peanut butter and honey is his favorite). Both kids request at least […]