Articles from September 2011

My schedule

I’m getting back into teaching piano in October, and I’m really nervous about it because right now I’m finding that I don’t have time for everything, and that’s without an extra hour a day dedicated to teaching. I figured I’d share my schedule with you and solicit advice about where I can “cut the fat.” […]

The story of our summer

I’m going to ease back into blogging with a few pictures of our kids from the last, oh, four months or so. Lego got a new bike for his birthday and has loved riding it all around. Duplo got this tricycle last summer, but he learned to pedal it this spring and tries hard to […]

Is anybody out there?

I haven’t blogged regularly in a long, long time now. At first I thought it meant that I didn’t want to blog anymore or didn’t have time to. But I think the bigger problem is that I didn’t feel like I had a distinct sense of what this blog was supposed to be anymore. I […]