Christmas Eve

We had a beautiful snowstorm today—about 4 inches of fluffy, white snow that fell most of the day. After some last-minute errands, I took the boys sledding this afternoon. We’d gotten Duplo a new sled last year, but it never snowed enough for him to use it last winter. So this year, we’ve been aching […]

What the kids are up to lately

Well, El Guapo’s walking. He was taking a few steps at a time about a month ago, and about two weeks later he started just toddling around the house. He still is unsteady enough that an object on the floor or a sudden change in the texture or height of the floor (moving onto or […]

In which I go all granola on you

I really don’t consider myself the sort of person who buys organic, who makes her own bread from her own freshly ground whole wheat flour, or who does any number of homely but ultimately time-consuming, earth-mama-y things. I’m a modern girl, and while I do garden and can my home-grown produce, I generally don’t care […]

The best peach cobbler

I feel like I have a lot of updates on our family that I should be sharing (El Guapo turning one and learning to walk among them), but instead I’m going to take a minute to share the best peach cobbler recipe I have ever tried. And I’ve tried some. My dad and I share […]

Pumpkini or Zumpkin?

We hosted Thanksgiving at our house last year, and my mom brought out some decorations to supplement the very little I had. Among these were some pretty pumpkins that dressed up our mantle nicely. After the holiday was over, the pumpkins ended up in our garden to rot. I can’t totally remember why I did […]