Dear Santa

All I want for Christmas is three more days before Christmas. I know, I know. Children everywhere will hate me. But hear me out. Tuesday I woke up and stretched, and something went CRACK in my neck. Suddenly I felt a jolt of pain, and I soon found that I couldn’t move my neck left […]

My first furniture refinishing project

Disclaimer: PLEASE! Nobody use this post as a how-to for refinishing furniture. I made some mistakes that maybe you can learn from (bolded), but I am not in any way an expert. If you want good tips on painting or staining furniture, try this blog post. About two and a half years ago, I was […]


We’ve had some requests for Halloween pictures, so here they are. Duplo was actually a skeleton for the ward Halloween party, Iron Man at school, and Spiderman for trick-or-treating. You know, because he had options. Unfortunately, I only got pictures on Halloween night. I dressed up for the ward party as Bat Mom (my towel […]

Settling In

This post is long overdue, but life is finally settling into a normal routine to the point where I can spare the time to sit and write about it. We like our home and love our neighborhood and ward. It snowed a bit this morning, and as I walked the boys to school with fluffy […]


In the past 17 days, we have: 1. Gotten the news that Jonathon has a great job 2. Scoured the Internet for decent rental listings 3. Spent two days looking at rentals 4. Submitted an application for one 5. Packed up the entire house 6. Registered the boys for two different schools (the one down […]