Articles from June 2013

Our Yard, part 1

I promised about two years ago that I would eventually write up a post about our wonderful yard here. But at that point, the weeds were out of control, I had a new baby, we were travelling all the time that summer for weddings and reunions and whatnot . . . well, it didn’t happen. […]

Duplo’s fifth birthday & etc.

I keep looking at Duplo and can’t believe how big he looks. He’s got a strong, healthy boy’s body, often crazy hair, a farmer’s tan, and usually filthy feet from playing outside. His eyes are transitioning to a grayish green with just a hint of blue, and he has a totally infectious smile. A couple […]

Tender Chicken

Apparently I’m on a roll with making up recipes. I think the fact that both these and the popsicles involve heavy whipping cream betrays the secret to my success. You really can’t go wrong with cream, right? So tonight I knew I wanted chicken, but I was either missing ingredients or not feeling like any […]

Homemade “Creamies”

We have a popsicle mold, but until this year, we haven’t really done much with it. Lego and Duplo are suddenly into it, though, so we’ve been trying pudding pops, frozen chocolate milk, and frozen juice in it. Note: frozen chocolate milk isn’t actually all that good. Yesterday we tried these ones because Lego loves banana […]