Articles from August 2013


In the past 17 days, we have: 1. Gotten the news that Jonathon has a great job 2. Scoured the Internet for decent rental listings 3. Spent two days looking at rentals 4. Submitted an application for one 5. Packed up the entire house 6. Registered the boys for two different schools (the one down […]

My garden

So, here’s the promised garden post. I took these pictures at least a month ago, so really, they bear little resemblance to the garden today. Everything is ripe or past ripe now. I’ve discovered that pictures of vegetable gardens aren’t the best. Even a garden that is well weeded will look slightly untidy in a […]

Jonathon got a job!

So yeah. 🙂 We’re pretty psyched. The story behind it is a little unusual, though. He applied and interviewed for a contingent (short-term, like a year or two, as long as the funding for it lasts) proofreading position at the Church. They really liked him and told him that he was one of their top […]