Articles from February 2019

Review: The Girl Who Drank the Moon by Kelly Barnhill

5 stars One of my favorite books of the year. What I found interesting is that this is written in 3rd omniscient, which everyone tells modern authors to avoid, yet it’s absolutely the right thing for the book. It’s a fantasy that felt a little bit Coraline, a little bit ’80s fantasy movie, a little […]

Review: Over Your Dead Body by Dan Wells

3 stars. This is book 5 in the John Cleaver series, which I’ve already said I LOVE. So much of this book felt like one thing happening, then another, then another, rather than a cohesive plot arc. That was necessary to make the twist work, but I wasn’t really surprised by the twist, since nothing […]

Review: When You Reach Me

5 stars Arguably my favorite book of 2017. This is a weird little sf story that starts off not feeling like science fiction so much as contemporary or mystery. The main character is having friend troubles, making new friends, adjusting to her mom having a serious boyfriend and preparing for a game show, etc. Meanwhile, […]