Knitting in the round

Last winter I bought some round needles with the intent of learning to knit hats without a seam down the back. I had one hat in particular I wanted to try.

After four attempts at making the hat, I gave up on the round needles. The length from needle tip to needle tip was longer than my hat’s circumference, so the loops were always stretched tight. This meant that they didn’t slide nicely onto and off of the needles, which were thicker than the connector wire. I also didn’t know what I was doing, so I kept getting twists in my hat.

I decided to try them again this year, but I looked up how to knit in the round first online. Apparently you can buy round needles of different lengths. Sixteen inches is recommended for baby clothing and hats. I think my needles are 32″ long.

Apparently mine are good for knitting sweaters for large men.

How old are you?

Lego is learning the concept of two. He knows he has two hands, two eyes, two feet, etc. He also knows that when I say “one,” he should say, “two.” So I figured I should try teaching him how old he is.  Here’s how the conversation went:

Me: How old is Lego? Lego is one! How old is Lego? Lego is one! How old is Lego? (pause)

Lego: Big!

Me: Yes, you are SO big! How old are you? You are one.

Lego: Two.

Me: No, you’re not two yet. You’re one.

Lego: Eight.

Me: No, silly boy. Not eight. One.

Lego: One.

Me: Good job! How old are you?

Lego: Two.