Did you know that everyone and their dog is planting a garden this year, to the point where seed sellers are struggling to meet the demand? Well, I guess I’m a follower. For the first time ever, I am planting a “real” garden.

It’s small. It’s in a shady part of the yard. So yeah, it probably won’t yield a ton. I planted peas, green beans, and carrots, which I hoped would do better there than, say, tomatoes. There was only enough room to plant about twelve each of the peas and beans, plus two short rows of carrots. Not everything came up, especially closest to the fence. I have six pea plants and five bean plants, plus a pretty good number of carrots. I think the carrots are getting big enough to start thinning them now. I’m a little nervous about that, to be honest.

Then, yesterday afternoon, a lady in the ward brought over five tomato plants that she had left over from her garden. How thoughtful! I promptly planted them in two flower beds in the front yard. Hopefully the rampant weeds don’t grow back and strangle them.

I’m getting an inordinate amount of joy from my little garden. I can’t wait until it starts making actual food so I can a) eat it and b) show Lego.

Airing my dirty laundry

Stats for last week:

Loads: 7
Duplo’s shirts: 12
Duplo’s pants: 8
Lego’s shirts: 5
Lego’s pants: 7
Loads forgotten in the washer: 1
Mismatched socks: 6 (but we’ll probably find some of the mates this week at least)
Days until laundry time again: 1


I did buy a plastic smock-style bib for Duplo today with a pocket at the bottom to catch stuff that falls to his lap. I hope that helps the situation somewhat. The bigger part of the problem is that we’ve been playing outside a lot, so everyone’s covered in sidewalk chalk and mud.