About Me

My name is Ruth Owen. I graduated from BYU with a degree in English that was almost a degree in English teaching (missing only the student teaching). I have worked professionally as a copy editor and technical writer and then have been freelancing as an editor for the past 15 years for a wide variety of clients.

I wrote a lot of fiction in college and even took a few classes, but once I graduated, I was so busy with work and life that I did almost no writing for many years. Six years ago, the idea for Parallelogirl took hold of me and wouldn’t let go, so I made time for writing in my life again and remembered how much joy it brought me. I ended up reading parts of it to a very enthusiastic 4th grade class, which gave me the motivation to finish it so they could read it, despite my busy life.

Now I have revised Parallelogirl multiple times with the help of my awesome writing group, and I have written a first draft of its sequel, Polygone. I wrote and am almost done revising my third book, a glitzy YA mystery in space, entitled Murder on the Edmonton Rose.

When I am not writing or editing, I am raising my four sons along with my husband, Jonathon (of Arrant Pedantry), working in my garden, teaching or playing piano, singing, or reading. I have two cats, and I love the mountains.

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@brinestowen on Twitter