Copy Editing

I offer various copy editing services. Copy editing is also known as line editing in fiction circles, and it involves checking for grammatical, usage, and style errors, as well as minor, sentence-level revisions for clarity, conciseness, and elegance, always making an effort to preserve your unique voice.

I generally edit according to the Chicago Manual of Style for most non-academic projects and the APA Style Guide for most academic projects. I have also used Blue Book and MLA styles. I am familiar with the differences between these style guides and am adaptable to your house style as needed.

Academic Editing. I specialize in academic editing, including dissertations, theses, articles for academic journals, and more. I have edited in many different fields, including human rights law, chemistry, computer science, education, and social work.

Corporate Editing. I also edit for corporations, including content for websites, marketing content, and proposals.

Fiction Editing. I have edited fiction for both published and unpublished writers. I can help you polish your query letter, synopsis, first chapters, or full manuscript. Note that copy editing is not the option you should choose if you’re hoping for help with bigger issues, such as plot or character development.


Developmental Editing

Sometimes a project needs more help than copy editing can provide. For example, you may be querying your novel and getting nothing but rejection. You may have submitted an academic paper or dissertation, only to be told it needs to be reworked. This is where developmental editing comes in.

For level 1 developmental editing, I will read your manuscript and provide a 3 to 8 page edit letter with suggestions for revisions. These will be general impressions on character, plot, point of view, pacing, etc. This is the cheapest option for developmental editing.

For level 2 developmental editing, in addition to the edit letter, I will also provide hundreds of comments in the manuscript itself regarding places where things could be moved or cut, as well as places that are unclear or need to be expanded or changed. This is by far the most helpful and thorough option for developmental editing.

I specialize in science fiction and fantasy, specifically for YA and middle grade audiences.