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Review: Pi in the Sky by Wendy Mass

2 stars (It was okay)

Okay, I kind of lied. I put this book on my read-in-2019 list because I started reading it around Christmas, and I figured, hey, it’s a short book. I’ll finish it by the new year for sure.

I didn’t. Honestly, while I didn’t mind reading it while I was doing so, I never got sucked in. This surprised me. My oldest son (now 14) loved this book, so I bought it for his birthday a few years ago, and then my second son (soon to be 12) read it and liked it too, so I thought I would. Plus, I’ve read other books by Wendy Mass that I’ve liked.

Maybe it’s the sort of book that adults just don’t get. It was zany. It was bizarre. Every sentence seemed to be crafted to surprise you with its weirdness. There are quotes about the universe and about quantum physics at the beginning of each chapter, and then there are houses that change shape, girls who need to be encased in a bubble of water to breathe, pies that contain gravity–I mean, it’s weird.

I couldn’t really relate to the main character because he was just so other. But my boys liked it, so yours might too.

I probably would have rated this one star, except the ending redeemed it a little.

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