A month of Lego

I’ve been thinking lately that I should blog more, and I often wish I could think of shorter things to blog about so that it doesn’t take me over half an hour to write a post. Because when it takes me that long, I just don’t get to it. But ten minutes? I can do ten minutes.

I’ve also been thinking that Lego has grown and changed a lot in two years, and my blog readers who don’t know him personally don’t know what he’s like. So I planned to do a long post on his birthday, April 4th, detailing 24 facts about Lego—one for each month of his life. The more I thought about the post, though, the more I wanted to elaborate on each one, which would have made the post unbearably long. Also, I thought of more than 24 things I wanted to say. So instead, I’m starting a month before he turns two and doing one a day. So here goes.

Day 1: Lego likes to help.

Like many children his age, Lego likes to help me with my daily chores. No matter what I’m doing, he’s there doing it with me. The minute I start dinner, he pushes a chair up to the counter to help. The spices are his job (he calls them all “salt”). I measure them, and then he gets to dump them in. He also likes to pound eggs on the side of the bowl so I can crack them open. When I’m baking, he wants to stir, but he knows that stirring hot pots of food is off limits. Seriously, Lego helps with nearly every meal I’m preparing. Sometimes I even have to tell him, “No, I’m just warming up some leftovers. I don’t need help now.”

His new favorite chore is the dishes. He gets all excited when he knows it’s time to do the dishes. I only wish I could share his enthusiasm. Again, he pulls a chair up to the sink. He then stirs the soapy water in the pots with whatever utensil he can find. He’ll also spoon water from one pot into another, back and forth. As he does this, he counts, as if he’s measuring flour into a mixing bowl or something. He often can count to five this way, but after five, he repeats, “three, four, five,” over and over. When I let him, he likes to scrub with the scrub brush, and he actually does a pretty good job. He helps me unload the dishwasher too, by handing me stuff so I don’t have to bend over.

Lego helps transfer laundry from the washer to the dryer, he helps sort laundry, he helps sweep the floor, check the mail, clean the bathroom (he “scrubs” the bathtub), and pick up his toys. Even if he’s not actually making my job easier, it’s nice to have a little friend with me as I do the more unpleasant tasks of my day. I’ll bet he’ll be pretty good at helping with the baby too.


  1. How I remember those days when it was you helping and now dear little Liam is doing the same. I cherish the memories. How dear you both are to me.

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