We have Lego sleeping much, much better. We’ve been way more consistent with bedtime and naptime, and we’ve changed his bedtime routine a bit. Now, instead of reading three stories out on the couch before snuggling with Mommy on the couch and then being put in bed, we alternate nights where we put him in bed and stay with him, in the dark, for about 15 minutes. We tell him stories and sing him songs. When we leave, he’s drowsy and happy. It took a little while for him to adjust to not having Mommy right before going to sleep, but now he almost never comes out of his bedroom after we leave. He’s still sometimes waking at night, but that’s not every night like it used to be, either. This feels like a major victory for us as parents. Also, it feels really good to work together as a team to help Lego improve his behavior. I know part of the problem was that each of us was doing something slightly different. We decided what to do, we did it, and we’ve seen results. Somehow, this makes me feel closer to Jon Boy too.

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