Yesterday, the boys got free helium balloons at a craft store. When we got home, Lego asked me to draw a face on his, and he specified that he wanted the face to be a girl’s face with eyes and lips and long hair. So I drew a woman’s face on the balloon. He seemed satisfied and said he’d name her Balloona.

All evening we got a running commentary on Balloona’s whereabouts and actions. In fact, at dinner, Lego told me that now we had two girls in the family because Balloona was like me.

He held Balloona’s ribbon while we snuggled and read stories and also while I sang him lullabies. He decided she should stay outside his room while he slept, though.

This morning, she was on the floor, but that didn’t deter him much. Unfortunately, she’s lost a lot of air by now, and it will probably be time to retire her soon.

Farewell, Balloona. It was fun while it lasted.


  1. How dear. He must love his Momma since he wanted a look alike around the house. He sure has good tastes.

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