Catching my breath

Where has the summer gone? I usually don’t feel like it’s really summer unless I go camping or unless I take the kids swimming. We usually do swimming lessons, hikes, day trips.

This year? This year I had a baby, attended a wedding in Albuquerque (which was the highlight of the summer!), attended my grandpa’s funeral in Denver (oddly, another highlight because the funeral was so affirming and joyful), and moved.

Moving and I are definitely on the rocks right now. Our relationship is not doing very well. When we were young, there was something fun about moving to a better place, meeting new people, and even trying to figure out how to decorate a different space. While this move was to a much better house than our last, the move itself was so very stressful that I am not eager to ever move again. Too bad we are planning on doing exactly that in a year—to our own home, hopefully. And then we can be done. Hopefully.

As soon as I can, I will take pictures because this house really is pretty and spacious, and it has a pretty yard, and the school seems all sorts of awesome. Plus little perks like a dryer vent that is less than 30 feet long, allowing our clothes to actually dry in the dryer, as well as a stove and oven that work perfectly without any quirks. And, you guys!


I keep thinking it’s all going to come crashing down because it’s too good to be true. Now, excuse me, I have some boxes to unpack.

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