Cheap as free

I love getting cheap stuff. In fact, I sometimes feel like I’m incapable of buying things that aren’t extremely cheap. Like, I’m not sure if I could spend more than $30 on a shirt. It would have to be some shirt, and I would have to have quite a bit of money to spend on said shirt. Sometimes I think that if I were ever on What Not to Wear, I would fail miserably because I would be sent to stores where a skirt is $100 or more, and I would think of all the cheap skirts I could get for that and refuse to buy anything.

 The point of all this is that I went to Kohl’s today and got two sweaters for under $10. No, not for each of them. For both of them. Not only that, but they’re great sweaters. They’re both great colors on me, and they fit beautifully. The style is conservative enough to fit into my closet with ease but not so boring as to be indistinguishable from the rest of my clothes. And I feel gorgeous in them.

And last week, I went to Ross and found two other beautiful sweaters, one of which had the original price tag still attached ($59.99) and was on clearance for $3.99. The other wasn’t quite so cheap, but it was still under $15. Suddenly my winter wardrobe isn’t so meager and outdated.

Why is it that I like them even better knowing that they were so cheap?

 P.S. As I was leaving Macey’s yesterday with a cart full of groceries, I saw that they were giving away random candles. They told me to take as many as I wanted, so I took four. The only thing better than cheap stuff is free stuff.


  1. I’m with you on this one. I don’t like to spend money in general and much prefer to buy cheap clothes. Especially when I can get cute ones for cheap! I have to say, though two sweaters for $10 is pretty dang impressive. And Kohls has a great selection, so I’d be surprised if they aren’t cute! 😉

  2. Oh! I so agree! I have such trouble paying a lot for clothes, or most other things at that. So, congrats on finding amazing clothes for a way cheap price.

  3. I’ve almost never thought someone looked better after one of those makeover shows. Though I haven’t seen very many. I mean a normal makeover and not the scary “change the shape of your skull” variety.

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