Christmas Eve

We had a beautiful snowstorm today—about 4 inches of fluffy, white snow that fell most of the day. After some last-minute errands, I took the boys sledding this afternoon. We’d gotten Duplo a new sled last year, but it never snowed enough for him to use it last winter. So this year, we’ve been aching to go at the first good snowstorm. Unfortunately, the first real snowstorm, near the end of November, came at a time when I was too busy to take them, so we just had to go today.

We went to my favorite spot in town: the “barn park,” as some friends used to call it. It doesn’t involve a barn at all; it’s next to the cemetery, and it has large fields and whatnot for soccer and baseball. One the southwest end of the park are some hills that are perfect for sledding.

At first we couldn’t get down the hill because the snow was so fluffy that the sleds kept getting stuck. But then we found an area where some other children (now gone) had made compressed paths, and one of the paths even had a jump in it!

El Guapo hated sledding and eventually just needed to be snuggled while his brothers giggled and flew down the hill and trudged back up again over and over and over. The house next to the park had some big wind chimes that sounded like Christmas bells ringing. Other than the laughter of the older boys and the occasional chimes, all was silent. The clouds that had brought the snowstorm earlier had parted, and there were some blue skies peeking through. It was so utterly beautiful and happy and Christmasy that I was almost overcome by joy and peace.

I hope your Christmas is full of joy and peace and family as well. Thank you all for being so good to me. Merry Christmas!

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