Day 3: Definitely not shy

When I say Lego isn’t shy, I guess I mean that he’s not nearly as shy as I was (or my siblings were) when I was a kid. He loves other children, and he’ll say hi to total strangers who happen to smile or look at him. The highlight of his week is going to nursery at church. Many children cry when their parents leave, but from day one, Lego has run off to play with toys the instant we drop him off. In fact, he begs to go sometimes when it’s not even Sunday. He asks about his friends and has been known to chase after random little kids (or even big kids) at church activities, the pediatrician’s waiting room, or the playground.

The only thing he does when he’s uncomfortable around strangers is stop talking as much, but even that isn’t as consistent as it used to be. I really admire his ability to make friends so easily. I wonder where he gets it. He could teach me a thing or two, I think.

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