Days 14 and 15

Day 14: Lego hates the vacuum.

There was a point, when Lego was very young, when the vacuum didn’t bother him. But for the last year to eighteen months, it’s terrified him. Before he could walk, I had to put him in his high chair or up on the sofa while I vacuumed or he would scream as if he was being eaten by wolves for the entire time the vacuum was on. Now that we live in a place with wood floors, I don’t vacuum very often, and when I do, it’s just the rug. When he sees me get the vacuum out of the closet, though, he goes to his bedroom to play until he hears me turn it off. Even then, he won’t come out until I assure him I’m all done.

Day 15: Lego loves the outdoors.

I know I’ve mentioned this at least once, but it bears repeating because we spend so much time outside when the weather is decent. (When it’s snowy, we don’t really go outside because Lego is nervous about walking on snow and ice, and he doesn’t leave his mittens on.)

Our apartment has a great yard, with a sandbox, a play house equipped with a kitchen, a table and chairs, and lots of play food and dishes, and several balls and trucks to play with. After the first warm day this spring, Lego has begged to go outside every day, and he’s been crestfallen when I’ve said no because of rain or snow or general crummy weather. I think he just doesn’t understand why we can have fun outside on some days and not on others.

When he’s inside, he doesn’t really like to play with his toys alone; he wants someone to be with him at all times (he doesn’t always get that, mind you). Outside, though, he’s in his element. He’ll just sit in the sandbox for an hour and spoon sand from a pot into a truckbed and back again. Then he’ll go over to the little house and put things in the microwave, push buttons, and take them out, only to put them in the oven. Then move them to the table and pretend to eat.

In the summer, I would sometimes blow up the kiddie pool and let him play in the water. I look forward to doing that again this summer. He’s also getting a ride-on toy from Grandma for his birthday, which I know will be a big hit.

As for me, I enjoyed gardening for the first time ever last summer, what with all my time outside with nothing to do but dig in the dirt and pull weeds.

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