Days 18, 19, and 20

Day 18: Counting

Lego is starting to learn to count. At Thanksgiving, I believe, he could count to two. Now he can usually count all the way up to five if he concentrates, and once in a while, he’ll get all the way to nine or ten. The number he has the biggest problem with is six, but today, he counted to nine and didn’t even miss six. But ask him what comes after a certain number, and he can’t tell you. I guess that will come later.

Day 19: Pumpkin shirt

Over a year ago, someone in our ward gave us some boy clothes. Among them was an orange shirt with a jack-o-lantern on it. I would never buy a Halloween shirt for my kids (because they can only wear it, at most, three or four times), but I figured a free shirt is a free shirt. It was pretty big on Lego at Halloween last year, but I let him wear it that day anyway. I then folded it up in the back of his drawer for next year, hoping he wouldn’t have grown out of it by then.

A while later, most of Lego’s shirts were dirty, so he saw the pumpkin shirt in his drawer. He asked to wear it. It wasn’t Halloween anymore, so I said no, but he insisted. Finally, I thought, “Why not? We’re not going anywhere today, and if wearing the pumpkin shirt makes him happy, I might as well let him.” From then on, any time he saw the pumpkin shirt in his drawer, he wanted to wear it. I had to kind of hide it so he wouldn’t find it. Eventually I gave up. He wore the pumpkin shirt to the store multiple times in December and January. I wonder what people thought about the little boy in a Halloween shirt that was at least a size too big for him.

Nowadays, he has other favorites that have replaced the pumpkin shirt. His favorite article of clothing right now is his bike coat, which is actually pretty adorable on him.

Day 20: Tickling

Lego loves for us to tickle him and blow raspberries on his stomach. As in, he’ll ask for us to tickle him or give him a raspberry. I think he’s crazy. I mean, yeah, tickling makes most people laugh, but do they actually enjoy the experience? I sure don’t.

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  1. Well, being tickled may be enjoyable in a way, but it’s not something that most people ask for. Especially not again and again.

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