Days 22 and 23

Day 22: Lego is good at going to sleep.

Lego took a long time to sleep through the night, but for a long time, he has been very good at going to sleep at night. Someone (I don’t remember who now, so sorry if it was you) recommended a bedtime routine, and once we established that, we got him to sleep every night with little to no crying or drama. Yeah, he runs around a lot while we’re trying to wrestle his pajamas on or brush his teeth, but once it’s time to get in bed and go to sleep, he doesn’t complain. He just snuggles in while we put on his blankets and sing him a song or two. Then we leave the room and he talks quietly or not at all until he falls asleep.

The other day at nap time, he decided he wanted to sleep in his toddler bed, something he’d been afraid to do before that. I told him he needed to stay in his bed if he wanted to sleep there, but of course the first time I left the room, he climbed out immediately. I once again reminded him that he needed to stay in bed or he’d have to sleep in his crib. He was climbing out as I spoke, so I put him in his crib. He cried to be let out and to sleep in his little bed, so I repeated the rule. He has not climbed out of his little bed since. Even in the morning, he yells “Out!” at me rather than climbing out himself. I guess he doesn’t want to lose his toddler-bed privileges. Hehehehe.

Day 23: Blue eyes

The first thing people notice about Lego is that he has really blue eyes. And they’re big. See exhibit A:

I wonder if his eyes will stay blue forever or turn greyish bluish greenish like his parents’.


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