Dear Santa

All I want for Christmas is three more days before Christmas. I know, I know. Children everywhere will hate me. But hear me out.

Tuesday I woke up and stretched, and something went CRACK in my neck. Suddenly I felt a jolt of pain, and I soon found that I couldn’t move my neck left of center at all or raise my head any higher than eyes-straight-ahead. Raising or moving my arms sometimes caused me intense pain as well, so getting the kids ready for school was a real challenge.

Speaking of, Lego woke up with a bad cold, so I kept him home from school. In an effort to be able to go to Costco for a whole bunch of things we couldn’t go even one more day without, I lay on the couch with a heat pack on my neck for half an hour, after which I had slightly more mobility. Checking blind spots hurt a lot as I drove to Costco, but I did it. Carrying groceries inside hurt a lot too, but I did it.

Then I picked up Duplo from school, fed everyone, and took a nap, hoping my neck would be somewhat better when I woke up.

Except it wasn’t. It was worse. Way, way worse. I no longer could move it more than a small circle right around the center, and sometimes random jolts of intense pain would run up my neck and down my shoulder, just to keep things fun. The rest of the day was a complete wash.

Luckily, my neck felt significantly better the next morning. Unluckily, El Guapo woke up sick and needed to be snuggled on the couch almost all day long (as in, if I got up and left him there, he’d follow me, crying to be held again). The errands I was needing to run (remember, Christmas in a week!) were off the to-do list. With Lego still home sick and now El Guapo with stomach flu, no way was I going anywhere. I actually kind of relished snuggling with my sick toddler all day, but I also really needed that time to, you know, get ready for Christmas and clean the house after doing almost nothing the day before.

That night, El Guapo threw up at around 3:00 a.m. If I thought he was clingy and needy on Wednesday, Thursday was worse. By now, the appeal of sitting and cuddling all day was wearing off, and the urgency to do stuff was building. Plus, a big snowstorm had hit, so I had shoveling to do along with all the cleaning, errands, baking, etc.

Jonathon’s work actually sent him home early yesterday because the roads were so bad, which was great because he could take turns holding El Guapo. The bad news is that the roads were so bad that I would have been an idiot to try doing my errands. So while I did a little cleaning (not nearly as much as I would have liked), I still need time to get groceries, bake a whole bunch, run other errands, vacuum, do laundry, clean the basement bathroom, etc., etc.

I lost three days due to a bunch of craziness all descending together. Perhaps if I didn’t need to sleep this weekend, that would do it. I eagerly await your reply.

P.S. I’ve been a good girl this year. Give my regards to Mrs. Claus and the reindeer.

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