Duplo Day 15: Bugs

One drawback of living in a basement is that we seem to get a lot of pillbugs/roly poly bugs/potato bugs in our house. Duplo doesn’t think this is a drawback at all. He loves bugs and points them out wherever he sees them, whether inside or out. He doesn’t mind picking up a roly poly bug and putting it in Lego’s bug container, which he got from his cousin for his birthday. Then the two boys carry it outside and dump it in the grass.

Today there was a large June beetle inside. I have no idea how such a large insect made it into our house, but it did. And Duplo was trying to pick it up and carry it outside. I kind of freaked out, but I hated that I did. That beetle would not have hurt Duplo, and I don’t want to influence him to think bugs are gross or scary just because I don’t like them.

One time he pointed out a spider in his room, and I quickly squished it and threw it away. It kind of traumatized him. For about fifteen minutes, he kept pointing to where it had been and saying, “Bug. Squish. Bug. Squish. Uh oh.” What a tenderhearted little boy.


  1. ahhhhh what a sweet story. Spiders do have to be squished. That is where I draw the line.

  2. That’s sweet about the spider. Except I would have done the exact same thing. And screamed a lot. Or just have trapped it under a jar, put the room under lock down, and waited for Derek to get home so he could dispose of it properly. Gross. I have a hard time remembering spiders are also one of God’s creatures.

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