Duplo Day 19: Cars and trucks

Duplo spends much of his day playing with cars and trucks and making the appropriate vroom vroom noises. He plays with things with wheels both inside and outside, and he loves going for rides in the car. He points out cars and trucks he sees while we’re driving, or ones that drive past our house. He thinks about a third of them are Daddy’s car (the dark-colored third).

When I was reading through Lego’s two-year-old posts, I found that he was doing the exact same thing. In fact, I remarked then that almost every time my mom asked me on the phone what Lego was doing, my answer was, “playing with cars.” Lego doesn’t really play with cars as much anymore (his activity of choice lately is drawing, writing, and cutting), so I imagine this stage won’t last long. Someday I’ll probably miss hearing little boys vroom their cars all around the house and telling them not to drive on the piano.

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