Duplo’s fifth birthday & etc.

I keep looking at Duplo and can’t believe how big he looks. He’s got a strong, healthy boy’s body, often crazy hair, a farmer’s tan, and usually filthy feet from playing outside. His eyes are transitioning to a grayish green with just a hint of blue, and he has a totally infectious smile. A couple of his front teeth (one on the top and one on the bottom) are loose, but just barely.

Lately, he and Lego have been playing a lot together because Lego’s out of school for the summer. The first week or two were a little rough, with more fighting than usual, but it seems we’ve settled into a routine and they’re doing really well.

One of the cool things they’ve been playing lately is Ruvern and Rexern. It started with them creating a little Lego person by mixing and matching body parts from other Lego people, and they named him Ruvern. But then Ruvern needed a brother so he could have someone to make silly stuff with and go through portals with and talk to and whatnot, so Rexern was created. It’s fun to listen to them playing and inventing together.

Duplo can read short words and sometimes longer ones if he can get clues from context. He is super excited about kindergarten after hearing Lego talk about school for two years. He’s kind of in a second finicky/picky stage where things that were his absolute favorite foods will be rejected for a meal or three before he realizes he likes them again.

He’s still snuggly and sensitive and silly, and we love him lots. Happy belated birthday, Duplo!

In other news, this conversation happened tonight:

El Guapo: (Showing Jonathon’s brother his wrist) Owwie!
Jonathon’s brother: Yeah, that’s an owwie. How’d you get it?
El Guapo: Mommy’s hand.

Lest you think I am abusing my toddler, here’s what really happened to cause the scrape on his wrist.

We went on a hike a few days ago, and it was slightly steep on the way up. On the way back down, El Guapo wanted to run, but I kept telling him to slow down and hold my hand. He refused, and this resulted in him tripping on rocks and totally biffing it about three times. Even after falling and being comforted, he’d take off running and refuse to let me hold his hand.

So yeah. He got hurt because he wouldn’t hold Mommy’s hand. At least he learned his lesson (I think?).

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  1. The best part about El Guapo’s owie is that whenever I ask him about it or mention it, he starts sniffling likes he’s about to cry. What a little ham.

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