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Eventful day

I should have blogged about this yesterday, but I was busy and getting sick, so I didn’t get to it until now.

1) Lego is 90% potty trained! On Sunday, he started trying to pee on the potty and succeeding! He did it at least half a dozen times, but not every time he had to go. Yesterday he only peed in his diaper when the babysitter was here, and that’s understandable when he’s just learning. Today he’s 100% dry. We still need to work on him wanting to go #2 on the potty, but that will come.

2) Because Duplo’s eye is still really goopy, I finally decided to go back to the doctor. (Backstory: He’d had plugged tear ducts from birth, but they’d cleared, after which his right eye got infected. The doctor prescribed eye drops, which didn’t work, and other eye drops, which worked a bit better. Finally the eye cleared up, so I continued the eye drops for 24 hours more as instructed. A few days later, the eye was goopy again, so I did another round with the same eye drops. Again the eye cleared and I stopped the eye drops 24 hours later. A few days later, the infection had returned. Since I didn’t know if it was safe or even effective to use the same drops yet again, I went back to the doctor.)

Turns out that congestion from the colds he’s had this fall have replugged both that tear duct and the drainage ducts from his ears. He had one infected ear and fluid in the other ear, which could lead to infection. The doctor prescribed an oral antibiotic and told me that if the eye keeps getting infected, Duplo may need to have that tear duct probed. Depending on a few things, this could mean a simple procedure or a simple surgery.

So far the antibiotic is doing a great job at clearing up the eye, though, so I’m hopeful it won’t come to that. Poor sick baby.

3) Duplo has been doing baby pushups, where he raises his torso off the ground by straightening his arms. It’s an exercise that prepares babies for crawling. Yesterday I saw him lifting everything down to his knees, as if he was doing a “lady’s” pushup. I have a feeling he’ll be crawling early.


  1. That is exciting! Potty Trained!!! I am hoping by the time the new baby arrives Brecken will be potty trained! Not sure if I want to be changing 3 babies diapers!

    That is not fun about the eye though! Hopefully everything just works itself out and it will go away.

  2. I sure hope everyone is feeling much better today and that Lego continues to enjoy wearing big boys panties and going on the potty!

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