So, I went off milk for five days, and Lego only seemed to get worse. I racked my brain for what I was eating more of during those five days, and I realized that because of my birthday, I had eaten much more chocolate during those days than I usually do.

Even though it hadn’t been a week yet, I went back on milk and off chocolate. Each day that followed was better than the last. Lego essentially stopped spitting up altogether. He still does once in a while, but it’s not anything like what he had been doing. A week after going off chocolate, the diarrhea stopped too.

The clincher was on Monday. Sunday night I had a s’more and a chocolate-covered caramel cookie, the first chocolate I’d eaten in ten days. Monday, Lego was spitting up a lot and very fussy. Today, he has diarrhea again.

I had hoped that if it was chocolate, I would be able to eat very small amounts without making him sick. Looks like I won’t be that lucky.

Hm. I wonder what carob brownies taste like.


  1. Oh, sad. When you’re able to eat chocolate again, we’ll have to have a chocolate party. Until then, perhaps some cherry turnovers and sugar cookies would help ease the pain.

  2. Oh no! I was hoping it wouldn’t be chocolate!!

    Hmm… positive side… um… it’ll be easier to loose the baby weight?

    Sorry, Brinestone. Glad you figured out what it was, though.

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