Homemade “Creamies”

We have a popsicle mold, but until this year, we haven’t really done much with it. Lego and Duplo are suddenly into it, though, so we’ve been trying pudding pops, frozen chocolate milk, and frozen juice in it. Note: frozen chocolate milk isn’t actually all that good.

Yesterday we tried these ones¬†because Lego loves banana and I was letting him choose. I don’t love the texture of frozen instant pudding, so on a whim I whipped up some heavy whipping cream (unsweetened) and added it to the vanilla pudding, about 1 part whipped cream to 2 parts pudding. I figured it would make that part taste creamier, since the goal was a popsicle that tastes like banana cream pie and this was the “cream” layer.

And oh man. The difference was unbelievable. My only regret was that I hadn’t added whipped cream to the banana pudding as well. The vanilla layer was smooth, creamy, just soft enough and melty enough but still firm. The banana layer was icy and hard and inconsistent by contrast. My immediate thought was that the texture and flavor of the vanilla layer reminded me of Creamies bar, which you should totally try if you haven’t yet.

I’m now dying to freeze the rest of the banana pudding, mixed with whipped cream, as soon as the popsicle mold is clean again. I’m also wondering about adding peppermint extract to the vanilla/cream mixture and dipping it in melted chocolate. Or just trying chocolate pudding and cream. Since orange instant pudding isn’t available, I’ve been trying to think of a way to make knockoff orange “Creamies.”

Maybe I should just bite the bullet and go buy some Creamies already. They’re probably less fattening than my version.

Do any of you have creative ideas to try?

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