How I kept two boys busy for 20 minutes

I was supervising Lego’s bath today, and Duplo and El Guapo were bored and kept coming into the bathroom to say so and to bug Lego. Also to fight with each other. Anyway, in a fit of desperation, I told them to run to El Guapo’s walk-in closet, turn on the light, and do 10 jumping jacks.

They ran off to do as I asked and promptly returned, asking what they should do next. I eventually ran out of ideas, but here’s what they did before then:

  • Twirl around twelve times in my bedroom
  • Crawl from the chair in the living room to the front door
  • Do three pushups
  • Tiptoe from the Lego table (a table that permanently has Legos on it, not Lego’s table) to my desk in the basement
  • Roll from the crib in El Guapo’s room to the toddler bed
  • Slide down the stairs, feet first, on their tummies
  • Hop across the kitchen
  • Do a somersault
  • Do a headstand
  • Do a few situps (Lego’s idea because he was getting into it too)

Any other ideas for next time they’re bored?

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